Established Rock Cover Band from the Midwest


Hatchet Promotions, LLC is one of the premier sound companies in Wisconsin. From small 100 person venues to a couple thousand, we have the staff and gear to meet your needs. Full JBL front of house pushing 30,000 + watts and great light show. Contact us for available dates and pricing.


Equipment list:


(6) JBL SRX728S  Series Double 18 inch subs powered by 6 Crown XTI 4000 watt amps

(6) JBL SRX722 Sereise Double 12 inch / horn tops Powered by 6 Crown XLS  2500 watt amps

Presonus Digital Mixer RM32AI

DBX Drive Rack PA+

Shure Vocal and Instrument mics

Audix Drum Mics

Vocal Effects, Snare drum effects

6 seperate  Monitor Mixes

(4) 15 inch/horn stage monitors powered by 2 Crown XTI 4000 watt amp

 (4) 12 inch/horn JBL Stage Monitors

(2) JBL JRX 112M Stage Monitors Powered by 1 Crown XTI 2000 watt amp

Lighting (Front)
32 foot of triangle 12 inch Global trussing on Global Truss 13 foot crank up stands
(12) Chauvet Par 64 LED cans
(4) Chauvet Intimidator LED sopt 350

Lighting (Rear)
24 foot of triangle 12 inch Global trussing on Global Truss 9 foot crank up stands
(4) chauvet LED Color Strips

(4) Chauvet Colorstrips

    Plus much more. Everything is run from the computer for that perfect lighting effect

We also bring haze/ fog machines